Jared Lisonbee, UTCAP Head Start

UAEYC Board President

UAEYC Governing Board Members

I personally facilitate HIGH QUALITY learning environments for children, I also instruct early childhood education classes to adults, and more often than not I have found that, due to mostly the lack of higher education, providers set up environments to “prepare” children for perceived success in school, instead of insuring, that because they are little children with developing brains and active bodies, they learn through exploration. We need influential big humans like you that know that we don’t push tiny humans for school readiness but facilitate environments that encourages exploration, imagination and true childhood happiness that builds so much self-esteem that all children are innately ready to be successful in school. The mission of UAEYC is to support educators in appropriately preparing children for success, not pushing them to fast. YOUR decisions influence US and the 254,350* tiny humans living in Utah. Your investment now will yield a return on investment that is priceless!Type your paragraph here.

2018- 2019

UAEYC Executive Board

Sheila Anderson, WSU Faculty Member

UAEYC Past President

Debi Evans,  Early Childhood Professional

UAEYC Board Secretary

Kathie MacKay​, BYU Faculty Member

UAEYC Vice President

2018- 2019 

UAEYC Board Members

      Growing up with seven younger siblings, I observed the processes of early learning and development on a daily basis. My fascination with child development led me to study human development in college where I earned a Ph. D. focusing on research methods in early childhood education from Auburn University.
     My research on classroom environments and child stress emphasized the importance of having a positive, challenging, and enriching learning environment to provide a foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Early learning experiences, whether at home or in a classroom setting, are key contributors for developing the skills necessary to be a self-directed and self-regulated individual—skills and attributes essential for later life success.
      I am committed to building and supporting high-quality early learning experiences for all children through educating and strengthening parents and teachers working with young children and supporting cultural and political shifts that will benefit all children.

Ilse Wilson, Director @ Fairyland Family Childcare

UAEYC Board Treasurer

Public Policy Chair: Connie Wang, UVU CAC Staff

Membership Chair: Crystal Knippers, WSU CAC Director

Accreditation Chair: JamieLynn Galloway, Director @ Bright Horizons-Overstock.com

Accreditation Co-Chair: Kim Rice,  Southern Regional Manager, Child Care Licensing

Development: Lynn Curtis, Owner of Children's Academy Preschool

Historian: Tiffany Parker, Youth Program Coordinator @ South Jordan Rec Center

Hospitality Co-Chair: Ana Cuenca, Owner of Cuenca's Learn & Grow Preschool 

NAEYC Liaison: Teri Henke, WSU Faculty

​T.E.A.C.H. Advisory Committee Chair: Carolyn Christensen, UT CAP Staff

Membership Representatives:

Eastern Rep: Christina Pay, USU Eastern CAC Staff

Southern Rep: Brittney Nelson, Washington CO Preschool Coordinator

Northern Rep: Leah Stanton, JCC Teacher