Career Ladder, CEU and CDA:
You will need to complete the homework sheet for each session in order to earn the .5 credits (5 face to face hours). You must attend all 4 sessions to receive this credit. This includes: keynote, and sessions 1,2,& 3 classes. Homework will be available here one month before the conference and for 2 months following the conference.

Friday Leadership Day Homework Sheet

Saturday Conference Homework Sheet

NAC Credit for Directors

All our classes for both Friday Pre-Conference Leadership day and Saturday Conference have been accepted for NAC credit. Apply for this as you normally do with the name of our event (43rd Annual Utah Early Childhood Conference) to receive appropriate credit.

Licensing training hours
This event counts toward hours needed for required licensing training hours. Keep your certificate for record of your participation.

USBE Licensing Renewal Hours

​USBE credit and licensure points options for those who attend the UAEYC conference in March:   

For the full conference day (March 3) attendance .5 USBE credit or 8 USBE licensure points. 

For the half day attendance  4 USBE licensure points. 

There will be a USBE roll and credit form to fill out when you attend the conference on March 3 at Skyline High School in SLC. 

Pick up this USBE UAEYC roll and credit from at the conference registration table first thing in the morning. 

MIDAS credit for K-3 and High School FACS Teachers:

~ Saturday full day course #: 40199

~ Saturday half day course #: 40198

Please let us know if there is something specific you are looking for not listed above and if it is feasible, we will work to make it happen!

Email needs to:

Information on Receiving Credit

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