"This is a great way for teachers to be able to get a college education.  Most teachers in this field cannot afford to go to college without the help of a large scholarship. "

-Annie Haile

Director C Street Child Development Center

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"I would highly recommend the program because it increases the quality of the center by providing education to the teachers."

-Bree Murphy

Director Lolie Eccles Early Care and Education Center YWCA

Salt Lake City Utah

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Information for Employers of Prospective T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Recipients

What Directors are Saying about T.E.A.C.H. in Utah!

What does it cost to sponsor a Scholarship Recipient?

The T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Utah Scholarship is a three way partnership. 

This partnership between T.E.A.C.H., the sponsoring center and the scholarship recipients helps to link the early childhood workforce with increased education, better compensation and a pathway to higher education.

The recipient benefits through increased knowledge of early childhood, increased self confidence and enjoyment and fulfillment in the work they do!

The center benefits through increased teacher education and the teacher then brings quality into the classrooms! 

Centers benefit from lower turnover, and increased continuity of care!

"I think any program that helps someone further their education in the field is very important and believe that teachers should be educated and that the teachers should be supported by their administrators."

- Rhonda Dossett

​Director St. Pauls Preschool and Child Care

Sponsors commit to pay 10% of tuition each semester the recipient is enrolled in class. 

If the recipient is a classroom teacher, sponsors also commit to pay 3 hours of released time per week of the 16 week semester. T.E.A.C.H. reimburses the sponsoring center for $4.50/hour paid. 

Sponsors also commit to pay the recipient a raise or bonus following the completion of each education contract. 

Raise should be a minimum of 2% and be an increase above any expected annual raise.

The bonus should be a minimum of $300.00

"We have two recipients in our center and I find their dedication to their education is transferring to their dedication to their work. There is a growing confidence that is new for my staff. They are also setting an example to others of working towards a degree. The T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Utah Scholarship has been a big positive in my center."

-Jennifer Nuttal
Executive Director Neighborhood House Preschool and Childcare
Salt Lake City, UT